Hello and welcome to this edition of the Music by Michael Keepsake Companion! As our title suggests this special keepsake is a companion to the Music by Michael tape, CD, and video series.
In this edition we'll be focusing on the subjects of Christmas and Hanukkah. I hope this keepsake will uplift you and bring back many happy memories! God bless! -Michael


Some Words to Introduce Our Theme. . .


- Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol


A Special Poem for You. . .

It's pretty tough for the real meaning of the holidays to break into our lives. But its meaning is there for us as always, if we are ready to listen for its gentle, quiet, beautiful voice of love, beneath the din of our noisy, modern world.


And suppose I told you 
That Christmas has come again,
Come into the clamor, into our here and now,
Come to us who are nearly entertained to death,
Stalked by cyber-beasties.

Suppose now
That especially to us
The Holy Child comes.

"Where . . . ?", you ask,
"Where shall I find Him?"
"Shall I sit at my keyboard?"
"Punch in 'HolyChild.com?"

Sages sought Him once . . .
"But who are the wisemen now?", you ask
and "What is wisdom anyway, now that so much has changed?"
"Has He really come?" (continued)
Has he come?-
Now that men voyage into space,
Now that information is power,
And paradigms shift?

There is all this and more, yet
"Behold - He comes!"

Transcending all mediums,
All language,
All questions,
Transcending all!

He comes on gentle wings of doves,
And with hosannahs of angels!
He comes to shepherds and wisemen.
He comes humbly in a stable,
Yet is King of Kings!

He comes even to us
Who have forgotten Him,
Who are content with clamor.
Yet God is tenacious.

He sent His Son 'long time ago.
He came down to earth,
And His kingdom is everlasting.

Listening or not, ready or not,
The Holy Child comes this Christmas!
God is in His heaven. . . 
He watches, He listens, He loves all, knows all -

Behold He comes as a child!
Behold He comes!
Behold His kingdom of love is here!

We are asleep, and must awaken . . . 

-Michael D. Purvis 2001



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