Hello and welcome to this edition of the Music by Michael Keepsake Companion! As our title suggests this special keepsake is a companion to the Music by Michael tape, CD, and video series.
In this edition we'll be focusing on the subject of St. Patrick, St. Joseph, and Spring is Sprung. I hope this keepsake will uplift you and bring back many happy memories! God bless! -Michael


A Prayer to Introduce our Theme. . .


Peace comes as the water runs. Peace is fair, as the free-flowing air. Peace is still . . . sits upon my window sill. Peace seems sometimes far, like a shining star! But peace is near... 
Ask God; He will hear- in your heart He will appear!"


A Special Poem for You. . .


"Spring will come..." 
the inner voice says, to all unsettling thoughts. 

And hearing these words,
we are like a quavering daffodil bulb: 
Gestating, soon to burst forth like a cherry blossom, 
Soon to open, red and smiling, 
in response to the warmth of 
New sun's prescient, omnipresent rays.

Why fear?
Winter is far-

Is near! 

-Michael D. Purvis 2001



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